July 1, 2020

Blue Blocker Classes

If you’d ask me to describe how lifestyles have changed during the lockdown, I would say only three words, which are ‘increased screen times’. And you’d probably agree with me on this too!

While kids and teens are using digital devices to learn with online school, parents are adapting to the new ‘Work From Home’ culture with Zoom meetings and online presentations. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that the digital screens are the only things that have kept us going!

But, we’re all aware of the dangers blue light from using these screens can cause to our eyes. And you can do a lot of things to ensure that it doesn’t happen. You can use blue light filters for phone and laptop screens and also install apps that warm your screen to a yellowish hue. If you’re willing, you can also try blue blocker glasses and see if they work for you!

But you may think that blue blocker glasses are a scam that doesn’t work at all! Whether this is true or not is for you to decide but let us present the facts before you!

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