September 3, 2020

been away for a little while

hello sports fans lol . I was forced to retire a couple of years ago do to my disabilities acquired from working as a boilermaker  since 1991

I had a knee replacement in 2017. I had problems  from day one know i have to have revision surgery on that same knee they have to put another knee replacement in.. lucky lucky me!!! I also have problems with my hips and shoulders all from working with heavy steel. so I am trying to make ends meet with my new site.

I have not been able to get out and do to much so this is what brings me here. My name is Clifford and this is all new to me.. My most favorite place is Bethany Beech  in Delaware…Salt water fishing and lounging on the beech watching the sun come up it is the most relaxing thing you can do. oh claiming and crabbing..

While i am not at the beech i am home taking care of my dad he’s 84 ,cherish the time we have together…Bye for now.


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